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The city of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is unlike every other city in Holland. During World War II the city centre was completely destructed. Instead of restoring, the people chose to build a city ready for a prosperous future. Ever since, Rotterdam is the city with big ambitions that has the guts to make things possible. The city is internationally well known for its daring modern buildings, Rotterdam is the architectural capital of Holland.

The port and people of no fewer than 174 nationalities create a unique open and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Booming and bustling, Rotterdam never gets bland or boring.

Ofcourse Rotterdam knows many hotels, but we like to give you two great options.

  • VanderValk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp
    Right next to zoo’s entrance and car park, at the Oceanium side. Very comfortable hotel and Just a minute walk from the zoo. In case you might travel by plane, there’s a bus that takes you from the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport to the zoo and this hotel.
  • StayOkay Hostel Rotterdam
    This Hostel offers shared and private rooms. A cheaper option, in the centre of the city, although further away from the zoo. From this point the zoo can be easily reached by tube. Station ‘Blijdorp’ bound to ‘Den Haag Centraal’ (The Hague Central)

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If you need any help regarding your stay in Rotterdam, hotel, public transport, directions to the zoo or any other questions, please contact j.hartog@rotterdamzoo.nl.